United Takes Passengers on a four Hour Journey to No Place

United Takes Passengers on a four Hour Journey to No Place

You’ve most likely heard of the Bridge to Nowhere and should have even heard of the Airport for No person however Journey Expertise covers United’s four hour flight to no place.

United flight UA1111 on Tuesday was a 4 hour flight from San Francisco to San Francisco.

The flight was alleged to be headed for Lihue, Kauai. As a substitute it wound up circling over the Pacific for 4 hours and returning to San Francisco.

Right here’s the flight path it took:

Chris explains what occurred,

UA1111 departed on time at round 9 a.m., however skilled a upkeep problem shortly after take off which required a return to SFO.

To make it to Kauai safely (2,540 miles away), a Boeing 757 is loaded down with a LOT of very heavy gasoline. It’s so heavy the truth is, that the aircraft can’t land with that a lot gasoline onboard.

In lots of circumstances like this, the pilots would rapidly jettison the gasoline at a excessive altitude. As soon as the gasoline is offloaded, the aircraft may return and land. …Nonetheless, a Boeing 757 shouldn’t be capable of dump gasoline… this meant that pilots needed to fly the aircraft in circles for 4 hours off the coast earlier than returning

United Boeing 757 in San Francisco Ready to Depart for Hawaii

United assigned one other aircraft, took off round four:30pm and made it to Hawaii round 9 p.m. about eight hours late.