150,000 taking pictures deaths in Center East direct results of violent video video games, research finds

AFGHANISTAN — A brand new research has discovered greater than 150,000 taking pictures deaths, stabbings, and bombings within the Center East could be straight attributed to violent video video games, Duffel Weblog has discovered.

The research makes numerous beautiful revelations, to incorporate the declare that “hyper-realism” displayed in trendy, violent video video games has contributed to the deaths of lots of of 1000’s of individuals in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere, to incorporate American troops, civilians, members of at the very least 9 terrorist teams, and wherever from one to 5 puppies.

The research, commissioned by the nonpartisan group Undoubtedly Not The NRA  (DNTNRA), was carried out over “at the very least ten to fifteen minutes of taking a look at YouTube compilation movies,” amongst extra prolonged analysis within the Library of Infowars.

“Whereas we initially started this investigation to find out if there was a hyperlink between video video games and faculty violence,” the authors write of their report, “it turned obvious in a short time that video video games have been answerable for almost all violence on the planet. This flies within the face of the widespread liberal argument that mass shootings solely happen in america due to a scarcity of gun management. Since, you already know, the entire world is violent. At the very least, it’s the place we ship the army, anyway.”

One of many report’s examples comes within the type of a 2014 cellphone video, which confirmed numerous U.S. Marines enjoying the traditional Bubble Bobble online game, the place gamers both sadistically suffocate their enemies inside bubbles or, worse, truly devour them for gasoline — an allegory to, and presumably the origin of, the oft-cited Marine slogan “blood makes the grass develop.”

Researchers discovered that instantly after the cellphone video was shot, those self same Marines razed a neighborhood village in Kandahar province and killed greater than 40 civilians.

Nonetheless, the research notes that the historical past of violent video video games influencing large-scale violence shouldn’t be a latest phenomenon.

Protection Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the authors notice, performed a 14-hour marathon of Name of Responsibility earlier than deciding to invade Iraq. And the 9/11 hijackers spent an “unhealthy” period of time exploring the previous few ranges of the traditional Doom online game, which the authors say presents “a transparent connection between Islam and video video games and likewise violence.”

And President Ronald Reagan performed Area Invaders religiously, which brought about him to pursue the so-called ‘Star Wars’ strategic protection initiative that ballooned the US protection finances upwards of $30 billion.