‘So it begins,’ conspiracy theorist says for 1,260th time since 9/11

SOMEWHERE UNDERGROUND — An area conspiracy theorist believes that the latest occasions world wide are “just the start,” sources have confirmed.

“Issues are about to kick off,” stated Ian Landis, a self-proclaimed dissident mental, for the 1,260th time since September 11, 2001. “The assault in Las Vegas is nothing in contrast to what’s coming.”

Landis started his foray into conspiracy theories 16 years in the past when, as a vacationer outdoors the White Home on 9/11, he witnessed an E-4B Nationwide Airborne Operations Middle (“Doomsday Aircraft”) by the way flying over Washington, D.C. whereas the assaults have been taking place. The following passage of the Patriot Act and proliferation of fringe hypotheses about that day solely energized his obsession.

Since then, he has been consistently scanning the mainstream and various media for what he deems to be “warning indicators.”

“The final decade-and-a-half has been constructing as much as this,” Landis elaborated throughout an interview, pausing to sip Mountain Dew. “It’s actually going to occur this time. Get up, sheeple!”

Scrolling by an intensive digital archive of reports clippings, pictures, leaked paperwork, and different information, Landis opened a Phrase doc containing a timeline of suspicious or alarming developments from the final 16 years, numerous occasions he thought would “change the whole lot.”

Included have been the escape of Osama Bin Laden, the opening of the Guantano Bay detention middle, the stand-up of US Northern Command, the Iraq invasion, the Madrid practice bombing, the Virginia Tech capturing, Barack Obama’s election, the concealment of Bin Laden’s corpse from the media, the assaults at Benghazi, Barack Obama’s re-election, the Newtown Bloodbath, the Boston bombing, the Edward Snowden leaks, George Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Ebola disaster of 2014, the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, Jade Helm 2015, the Orlando capturing, the ascendance of Donald Trump, the riots after the inauguration, the Manchester bombing, the conflict in Charlottesville, and the devastation brought on by Hurricane Harvey, amongst lots of of different incidents.

Landis additionally talked about that America has a army presence in all 50 states and over 150 international locations, has been closely militarizing its regulation enforcement, and runs a worldwide surveillance community by numerous alerts intelligence bases, resembling Menwith Hill and Pine Hole.

Hypothetically, somebody might “give the order” at any time, he stated. He then performed a video of dozens of armored autos being transported by rail to an unknown vacation spot.

“We’re on the razor’s edge,” Landis mused aloud as he adjusted his tinfoil headpiece. “I used to suppose it will take one other 9/11 for them to make their transfer, however I feel nearly something will suffice as an excuse at this level.”

At press time, Landis was investigating whether or not the Air Power’s 557th Climate Wing is utilizing chemtrails to steer hurricanes towards the US coast.

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